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Our Story

Founded in 2002 as a sub distributor, PT Pancaniaga Indoperkasa has managed to grow and build impressive brands portfolio in wine & spirits. Now as one of the Premier wine & spirits distributor in Indonesia, we are proud of our vast experiences, strategies and our growing distribution network which operates all over Indonesia. This footprint enables us to pave the way for brands to be well acknowledged and well-accepted consumer brands all over Indonesia.

We do not just create market but we also maintain client's loyalty and satisfaction because we trully understand the dynamic challenges and opportunities this industry. Our sales team are well trained with innovative solutions, marketing strategies and professional dedication, to focus on each client's unique custom needs. We pride ourselves on providing clients with industry leading services.

PT Pancaniaga Indoperkasa is commited in developing and maintaining it's high reputation in quality, reliability, integrity and excellence in the markets by continuing to deliver the highest caliber services and great brand-building strategies.

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To be market leader of B2B companies in Wine and Spirits industry by mastering our brand, the market and sales.

We seek to change the business landscape through progressive ideas, strong business performance, excellent product knowledge, and commitment on customer satisfaction.


  • Giving the easiest way for our consumer to reach our brands by providing convenient distribution service across Indonesia.
  • Providing premium quality products and service to our customers.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the principals.
  • Commitment in increasing the brand awareness of each products.

Our Service

Our professional and supportive sales team are trained to meet each individual client's needs for successful business process and delivery.

We provide clients with useful information and sales/promotional materials, product education and training programs.

Backed with a portfolio that is unrivaled, we create brand building opportunities in Indonesia's markets.

Pancaniaga Indoperkasa

Our Strategy

Gain the momentum to push for our fast moving brands.

Invest behind the brand building for super premium items.

Maximize our geographical reach across Indonesia.

Enrich ourselves to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Align with our stakeholder to be a trusted, honored, and reputable company.

Our Brands